Some Stuff About Me

A picture of me Hello, I'm Raj, owner of and this is the obligatory biography page. You might be wondering why I chose the rather odd name of Lord of the Moon for this site. Aside from being a memorable name, I was also once told that it was the meaning of my name (which I've since found out to be wrong, but it's still a cool name Smile).
I have a degree in Computing Science from the University of Glasgow and having spent four years enjoying student life, I am now employed by my alma mater as a software engineer.

I'm originally from Northern Ireland (see my Peace pages for further thoughts on that) and while I really love that country, I have, over the years, grown to love the city of Glasgow which I have adopted and taken as my home. Before I came to Glasgow, I had heard all the negative aspects of the city: its drug problems and unemployment to name but two. But that's just one side of the coin. Glasgow was the 1999 UK city of architecture and design. It is a very beautiful and ancient city with some of the friendliest people that I've met in a city.

After studying fairly hard at school I got more than the grades that I needed to study at Glasgow, and I am really glad that I came - although it was quite a culture shock coming to university that has ¾ the population of my whole county!Smile

As you can tell if you've been looking around this site, I like science fiction a lot, I think that this is a great form of escapism and the genre has spawned some of the greatest literature in the world. Beyond that, it's also a wonderful source of ideas; of extrapolating the future of society; holding a mirror to its present; and can be (and has been) used to discuss subjects too sensitive, taboo or just plain strange for mainstream society.

I don't just enjoy SF, but enjoy several of the classics and am also hooked on the works of Jane Austin. I have read Pride & Prejudice about seven times since the BBC adaptation in about Autumn 1996 and after I read it for the first time, I was inspired to read the rest of her works and was very impressed, especially by Persuasion and Emma.

I was raised as a Hindu but now consider myself as an agnostic, tending towards atheist. Beyond the idea of an omnipotent creator, I find myself uncomfortable with the idea of organised religion in general and my science background leaves me more or less incapable of the uwavering faith that a religion requires. In saying that, I'm always up for a debate, so feel free to email me (my email address is below) if you want a discussion (although I reserve the right to quote Richard Dawkins or PZ Myers at you wink).