Sunday, October 13, 2002

I did a very foolish thing today. I was having problems with my CD-ROM drives not reading discs. So did I sit down and carefully diagnose the problem and find a cure? Did I bugger. I nuked my hard disk and restored a backup made with Drive Image 2002. This was fine, except that the image was a month old!!

I don't mind re-installing software that I've installed since then (not a lot anyway) and the reason that I did it was because I don't have a lot of data that's changed since then, but I had forgotten to backup both my email and the work that I had done for TBD, which was incredibly annoying. So I've lost about month of email and the Freshers' Guide for TBD (but I've got a a backup of that at work at least).

The moral of the story? Think before you go and bloody well wipe your hard disk!

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