Friday, October 24, 2003

Today I ran into another really annoying CSS bug in Internet Explorer at work. I was trying to fix a table header in place with the body below that so that people wouldn't have to keep scrolling to refer to column headings. I found a very elegant way around this which involved putting the header into a <thead> tag and the body of the table in a <tbody> and then used a single line of CSS to wrap the body of the table: tbody {overflow: auto;}. This worked beautifully in Mozilla but did Internet Explorer show it? Did it bugger.

This really gets on my nerves, especially since development on standalone IE has all but stopped and to upgrade you will need to buy a new version of the operating system, meaning that for all intents and purposes we're stuck with really bad CSS support for many years to come. This is holding back the development of the web, and it's my view that it will eventually see a shift away from IE to alternatives such as Mozilla (well, here's hoping anyway).

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