Monday, January 26, 2004

AUT strike worries

As someone who works in academia (although by no means an academic), I'm watching the current dispute between the AUT and the employers' organisation (UCEA) with great interest. For those who haven't been following this dispute, it centres around the new pay deal that UCEA has proposed to bring all university staff under the same pay scale. The AUT claims that this will mean a career-reduction in earnings for many staff (with figures to back this up here). Following the decision of UCEA to abort last-minute talks, the union has begun a ballot for strike action. As a member of the AUT myself, I have voted YES in this action and although I'd be very pensive if it actually came to walking out, if necessary, I see no alternative.

One thing that worried me a lot would be the impact on students of strike action by an academic union, so I was heartened to hear that the president of the NUS have pledged their support to the action.

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