Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Easter stuff

I went home for the Easter weekend. It was nice to see my family, and I had a good weekend, all round. Fire was involved :-). I got back on Friday evening, messed about a bit on Saturday and we had a Havan on Sunday (this was what involved the fire). The ceremony was quite short (by Hindu standards...) due to the fact that the Temple had doubled-booked the Pandit over which I shed no tears at all, given that the whole thing was in sanskrit and hindi, and I couldn't understand most of it. Still, it got family members round who I hadn't seen in an awfully long time, so that was nice. We were also celebrating my cousin's birthday the same weekend (despite the fact that his actually birthday isn't for several weeks yet, since they wanted to do it while me and my sister were around, bless...) so we went out for dinner the following day (Easter Monday) as well, having gone out walking in Gortin Glen Forest Park that afternoon. So a generally relaxing long weekend all round, methinks.

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