Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dump Internet Explorer

Daniel Miessler has written a fairly well-balanced and non-foaming-at-the-mouth article about why people should switch away from Internet Explorer. Now I know that most of my readers (what few that I have) either already run an alternative browser or just couldn't be bothered with the whole thing, saying that IE is "good enough". Well, the point is that it's not good enough in any way, shape or form. The number of times that I, as a web developer, have been forced to avoid using some really useful technique or cool trick just because IE doesn't support is driving me mad. That combined with IE's security and standards problems (explained much better in the linked article than I could do) makes a new browser a must. Do yourself a favour and get a better browser. And I'll make a commitment of helping you set it up, should you need any help.

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