Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Why I really don't want to go to America and other stories

Elena Lappin's experiences in America really frighten me and add another reason not to go to America. If journalists are now considered a threat to American security then is that nation lost to the Free World already?

In other news, the European elections are on Thursday and I've still no idea who I'm going to vote for. I've usually been a Liberal Democrat supporter, but in this election, I haven't seen much to separate them from the other major parties, and their past voting on the European software patents issue hasn't exactly endeared them to me. So who does that leave? I'm not voting for the Tories, Labour or the SNP. So that leaves the Greens, the Socialists and an independent.

To try and get a better idea of the positions of the parties, I sent an email to all the candidates that I could find an email address for and have had a few replies back (impressive since I only sent the email yesterday evening). I've had three replies from SNP candidates with varying degrees of information, a reply from the Greens which was very interesting, a good reply from the independent and a message from UKIP saying that the bloke that I was trying to email (who's standing as a Scottish candidate) is in Scotland! Do they think we don't have email up here?

I think that these replies have helped me come closer to a decision. I think that although the Lib Dems will get a look in on my ballot paper, it certainly won't be at number 1.

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