Friday, August 27, 2004

ObSys 3.0 is go

Our preparations for the new academic session are going well at work, and I've just launched a new version of our course admin and application system (ObSys). I'm really quite proud of this system. It was first launched about two years ago as a simple way to let students sign up for IT courses, but by about this time last year version 2.0 was launched with integration to our administration system as well to act as a single point of reference for administrators, tutors and students. That happened much faster than I thought and 2.0 was launched sooner than I would have liked. Over the course of the last year it's evolved an awful lot, thanks to loads of feedback from staff and tutors (at one point gaining a point release every two weeks!) to become a system that that really does its job well. Getting praise from the users of the system really makes me feel good, and version 3.0 is the best one yet.

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