Monday, December 20, 2004

Music industry threatens aid organisation

This is absolutely pathetic. Australia's Music Industry Piracy Investigations have 'asked' the International Red Cross to freeze money in a trust fund donated by the makers of Kazaa. "It would be incredibly disappointing if we had to sue them," says a representative. Understatement of the century, you little... Suing the Red Cross would certainly divert money away from their vital work across the world, leading to unnecessary deaths, meaning that the music industry would actually have blood on its hands.

I can't believe that they're stooping to these depths. Actually, I can believe it very much but that doesn't stop me being incredibly angry about it. I doubt that there's a lot that the Red Cross can do but give in, if it doesn't want its valuable funds having to be diverted to fight a petty and cruel legal case. It's especially galling when you consider that Sharman hasn't yet been found guilty of breaking any law.

In other news, it seems that our trustworthy govenment is destroying emails not to prevent any future embarrasments, oh no, not at all. Oh, and an Indian judge has jailed the head of Ebay India ( for someone auctioning a pornographic MMS, despite the fact that the item was pulled as soon as the company was made aware of it. Does nobody understand anything vaguely technical any more?

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