Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Reasons not to have ID cards

I found this list of 10 reasons to refuse ID cards recently on The White Rose. It's mostly good, although some of the reasons do repeat themselves a bit, and the language is a bit paranoid at times, but the point is mostly well put across.

In other news, my geek factor has rocketed recently. Is this because:

  1. I've recently set up my own private Jabber server because I was getting annoyed that the server I used was rather unreliable (my new JID is raj <the-at-sign>, by the way, for any Jabber users out there);
  2. I got excited that I was able to remotely open remote windows from the new Linux box that I built recently at work on Windows through an XFree86 server that is now incorporated into Cygwin;
  3. I've codenamed the new project that I'm about to start at work ‘Bad Wolf’;
  4. All of the above.

Answers on a postcard (or a comment) please.

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