Sunday, September 06, 2009

A wedding, some worrying but few woes

Yesterday, two of my best friends, Stevie and Sacha, got married, with me as the best man in the wonderful setting of the Randolph Hall of our alma mater. The ceremony was beautiful ? the first time that I've been to a Humanist ceremony and the focus on friends, family and each other touched me, without the need for a religious dimension. I managed not to lose either the groom or the rings and felt incredibly happy when the couple exchanged their vows and were married in front of their family and friends. The choice of exit music was genius as well!

One good thing about having the entire do in the University is that it meant that we didn't have to worry about getting people into buses, trains or mopeds to get them to the reception, just ensure that the ushers know where to direct people. There were a few crossed wires, but we got everyone down eventually for some mingling before the photos. It's a shame the weather wasn't particularly good for the day, but the University still makes for an incredibly dramatic background and I think we got some great shots.

I was somewhat nervous about my speech, feeling a sort of 'second novel syndrome', since the previous one that I did went down very well. In the event, although I had honed it to the last word, I did end up doing some minor improvising but at least this time I had the regrets ready and in front of me! In the end, the speech seemed to go down very well, with lots of people congratulating me on it afterwards. For those who want to read it the text of the speech is available here .

The ceilidh in the evening was great fun, and although I still can't waltz (three beats with two feet – how does that work? Argh?!), it turned out that neither could Sandra, the bridesmaid that I was dancing with, so we just muddled along. Apart from that, I was up for almost every dance (although I'm paying for it now with really sore feet!) and had a great evening, mingling and catching up with friends that I hadn't seen in a while between dances. The whole day went really well and I was proud to have been a part of it.

To collect photos from the wedding, I've set up a Flickr group which is open to all, so please upload your photos to it and spread the URL for people that don't read this blog.

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