Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Eastercon photos

If anyone’s interested, I’ve put some of the photos I took at this year’s Eastercon up on Picasa.  They’re mostly of the (very impressive) masquerade with a few other random shots as well.


Raj says:

Comment from Judith on the LJ feed:

There were some very good entries. I’m thinking of talking to future Eastercons about a workshop to aid entrants with scripts. This year, many people had great costumes, but poor performance marks.

With a bit of help, I think they could make great strides on this front.

Raj says:

And my reply:

That sounds like a good idea. My friend Sacha, who was one of the entrants (Glados), didn’t really know what to expect from the masquerade and was surprised that there even was a performance aspect to it. Maybe some sort of “masquerade for newbies” workshop, or even some more information on the web/in the readme.

Raj says:

And Judith’s reply:

I remember how much the costume judge liked her outfit.

if she’d like performance tips for next time, I’d be glad to put her in touch with someone who can help. (obviously someone who isn’t on the judging panel, to avoid a conflict of interest)

No one reads the read me – a sad fact of life – one of my friends complained there was only sandwiches for lunch…

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