Sunday, 10 March 2013

First’s response to my consultation comments

First Glasgow have responded to my comments on their consultation and I’ve included their response below.  As expected, there’s little there, but at least they’ve agreed to indicate when buses have differing termini.  Although you know you’re in trouble when something as minor as that is considered a victory.

Services with different terminii will now have a different prefix.

The vast majority of passenger journeys are to or from the city centre and due to the proposed changes to corridor services the waiting time for customers who wish to change services will be reduced.

Service 2 will continue to provide a high frequency link between the east and west ends of the city as will services 3 and 6 between the west end and the south side.

There are a relativley few number of withdrawals in the network and these have been taken as a result of the continuing poor financial performance of these services. Strathclyde Partnership for Transport are aware of our proposals.

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