Friday, 5 December 2014

Glasgow Concert Hall steps

The steps at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall are currently under threat of demolition, to make way for a glass atrium.  These steps are one of the few public, non-commercial open spaces in Glasgow city centre.  As such, I, and many other people, oppose the move to demolish them.  I have written to my local councillors and MSP asking them to oppose the move and there is a petition to save the steps, which I’d urge everyone to sign.  My letter to my councillors is below the fold.

Dear all,
I am writing with concern about plans to demolish the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall steps, at the junction of Buchanan St and Sauchiehall St.  Glasgow city centre has few enough open meeting spaces as it is, where people aren’t pressured into commercial activity, and the Concert Hall steps are treasured by the people.

They are an iconic part of the Glasgow landscape, an important meeting and gathering place both for individuals, groups, protests and marches.  Given the lack of other public sitting places in the city centre, many people use the steps on a pleasant day just to sit for a while, to have lunch outside and to admire the view down Buchanan St and over the river.

The petition to save the steps [1] has nearly 13,000 signatures at the time of writing and a poll on the Daily Record website [2] currently has 94% of respondents in favour of keeping the steps.

Glasgow already has more than enough shopping space and demolishing the steps would tilt the balance even further from the public sphere to the commercial.

The banners throughout the Commonwealth Games this summer declared that “people make Glasgow”.  This is a chance to show that that isn’t just empty rhetoric.  I urge you all to back the petition and write to the planning committee voicing your opposition.


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