Friday, February 28, 2003

I released v1.1 of OCW at work today. I'm quite proud of this release. It contains a link to (a snapshot of) the central student database, so students can register more easily, as well fixing several bugs, updating the course content and several enhancements that were requested.

On a related note, I've had interest from someone in the Teaching and Learning Service regarding WhatsUp?, so it seems that word is spreading, which is quite funky. This is the first software that I've written that is being used outside the department (currently just by the Careers service, but hopefully others soon) so that's a new experience for me.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Tim Jackson, from the CDR has written a fairly accessible article on digital rights management (DRM) and why it's a Bad Thing™

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Gah, glasses cost an absolute fortune! I lost my glasses the other day and, foolishly, I've never had a spare pair. I am quite pissed off at losing those glasses. Not only were they my very first pair of glasses (I've had them for about nine years now), but the glasses case contained an even older (clicky) pencil which I was moderately fond of. I am not amused.

Still, I arranged an eyetest for this morning and had a new pair of glasses by this evening, which is quite good (it should be, for the price!). This pair are just a pair of cheap frames with the normal lenses. I've also decided to get a nice frame with a fancy anti-reflective, scratch-resistant coating, but that pair will take a few days.

It's a good thing that my eyesight isn't really all that bad. I was able to get by fairly happily without them, but it's amazing just how much difference that a little bit of extra eye-effort can make, when spread across two or three days. I'm certainly glad to have glasses again.

Oh, the optician that I went to has a website, but it's, um, a little minimalist Smiley face

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Recent meetings at work have opened my eyes a bit. In the past, I've always been happily cocooned in the small department of the ITEU within the university. This has always behaved like a small company, with a small team where everyone knows each other and works to each other's best interests. Recently though, with the move in progress from IS to the Education Faculty, I've had a glimse of the great bureaucracy of the university and its incredibly petty politics. Those Up Above don't think of us as people with something to contribute and who are trying to do their job to the best of their ability, but just as pawns in their power games. I find this attitude incredibly contemptible. If it wasn't so much of a farce, it would be incredibly funny.

A bit late, but I guess that I should mention that TBD40 is finally out. There were some last-minute layout glitches, the most serious of which meant that the quiz didn't make sense in several places. I got around this by reprinting corrected versions of the affected pages and replacing them in unsold copies, and just handing out the replacement pages to people that had already bought copies.

Still, chalk that one down to experience. The countdown to TBD41 has already begun.

Monday, February 03, 2003

I promised Weeble that I'd put up a link to his site, but I shouldn't just have random gratuitous links, should I? Hmm, well, I'm pushing all out to get TBD out this week. Weeble is a TBD editor, so here are links (in reverse alphabetical order, just for a change) to the TBD editors website:

Oh, and don't forget Raj (production editor) Smiley

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