Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random sporty post

Note: I tried posting this several days ago, but it looks like Blogger ate it, so I'm trying again...

I'm not exactly a sporty type, and I don't think that I've ever mentioned any form of sport here, but it's a rare occasion that my home nation beat England at any sporting event, so it's definitely worth mentioning. I was in the pub, with half an eye on the screen, I look away for a bit, look back and blink. We scored? We scored?? We scored!. I have to say that I was watching it quite tensely after that, willing Northern Ireland to hold on. And once they did, I was doing the Goldfish Happy Dance™ enthusiastically for many minutes :-).

And while I'm on about sport, I will admit to hoping that England regain the ashes this year, and I hope that last night's win for NI in the football will remind the cricket team that they're not invunerable and the overconfidence and hype of the past week or two will result in them having their backsides handed to them on a plate.

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