Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sex, death and Samuel L. Jackson

Snakes on a plane is a great, great film. Actually, let me qualify that. It's an awful, awful film, but is one of the very few that successfully walks the line between stupidity and silliness. It's fantastic fun to watch especially with the audience wincing and clapping at appropriate points. There was an especially loud cheer at one particular point, near the end of the film. Watch it and you'll know exactly which one I mean. And how can you not love a film where a snake bites someone's genitals off?

Caveat: I strongly recommend that Little Miss Show Off and anybody else with a fear of snakes not see this film. I don't have such a fear and I was a bit queasy in places.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Attention LiveJournal readers!

Apologies all round for gumming up Friends' pages. The "lotmfeed" feed has been updated to a new URL (which is what caused the latest snafu) but this means that it shouldn't happen again. From the LJ support people:

I've updated the URL for this account to use the your blog's RSS feed instead, and this should resolve the problem; the feed may re-aggregate existing content once more as it transitions to the RSS feed, but this problem should otherwise be resolved in the future.

Once again, apologies. You may now return to your scheduled programming.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Liquid death (in solid form)

The Register has a good article on the chemistry of binary explosives, in the wake of the recent airlines terror alert in the UK and comes to the conclusion that we already knew that our leaders know nothing about the threats that they're trying to "protect" us from.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Justice? It's behind Civil Liberties in the trash

I heard this morning that ACPO are wanting the authority to punish people without going to court, including banning people from city centres and breaking up gangs of people (inevitably teenagers). They're calling it "instant justice", but the dictionary defines Justice as "The quality of being just; fairness". How on earth is it fair to deny someone the right to movement or property without giving them the (hitherto basic) right to defend themselves?

At least some police organisations are speaking out against the idea. It's sheer madness.

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