Sunday, February 24, 2008

Torchwood season 2

After a flying start, Torchwood season two seems to have settled down into something much better than season one. The first few episodes of the season proclaimed a series much more mature than the "wheee, we've got a post-watershed slot" tone of season one. It wobbled a bit after its great start but Martha Jones' introduction was pretty good and didn't feel too forced. It also appears to have led to an arc story, with Owen, which is pretty intriguing.

The characters in season two have also changed. They seem much more settled and likeable and seem to be settling into stable patterns, rather than the free for all that there seemed to be to start with.

I feel justified for staying with the series through the worst excesses of its first season. It's maturing, and although it's still got Rusty T. written all over it, things feel less gratuitous this time. Let's hope they can keep it up.


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