Saturday, December 08, 2007

Recently a lamp post sized pole set in great big concrete blocks (to stop people tearing it down, I suppose) has appeared near where I live with a CCTV camera on it. I find this slightly disturbing and a bit creepy. It's a bit odd, since I don't mind these cameras in the city centre or in shops (or maybe I've just got used to them), but having one watching me at the bottom of my street is just unsettling. I keep thinking that someone's going to pull me in and demand that I justify my existence.

On a much happier note, following Stevie and Sacha's news, Stevie has asked me to be his best man. Having known him for a decade and lived with him for almost half that, how could I refuse? Now I've got to come up with a speech. And I can't even recycle the last one, since there'll probably be a lot of people who were at both ;-).

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