Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil

I never thought that I'd ever say this, but recent events have found me feeling sympathetic towards a Tory. I actually feel slightly dirty just saying that, but despite my cynicism (a quick look at the results of the last election for his constituency show that with the Lib Dems having said that they wouldn't contest the seat, it looks like it'll be no contest) I find myself having a lot of respect for David Davis. I heard his interview on Today and was struck by his sincerity and actual passion on the subject – it says something when we're relying on Tories to defend our civil liberties!

Yes, it's a bit of a publicity stunt, and I can't really see any point to it, but that's part of why I respect the man. There is no political advantage in it for Davis (well, some people are saying that he's angling to take over the leadership of the Conservatives, but I'm not sure about that) so he seems to be doing it entirely out principle, and I've got to respect that.

It now seems that Labour are very much dithering about whether to field a candidate in the by-election, and if they don't, then Kelvin (spit) MacKenzie may be his closest opponent, and that leads me to hope that not only does Davis win, but that he grinds MacKenzie into the dirt... </vitriol>

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