Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy new year

Happy new year everybody! This year's retrospective on 2008 is now up on my website if you're interested.

Looking back on last year's geek goals, I'm pleased to say that I achieved all of them. I have SeaMonkey compiling and building from the CVS (and later Mercurial) repository (maybe this year I'll apply, and who knows, maybe even create, some patches); my AJAX website is the Nestor spell database containing a database of spells for my Phratil D&D character (although there's still work to be done on it); and work very kindly sent me on a Perl course. Admittedly, I've not done much since the course, but it's a start :-)

Earth circles again
we begin anew once more
and the seasons turn.

Happy new year.

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