A Vampire Quintet: Five Sinister and Seductive Vampire Stories

By Eugie Foster

Rating: 4 stars

I’m not normally hugely interested in vampire fiction, but I’ve been a fan of Foster for a while and this was the last collection of her work that I didn’t already have. I also recently started a Vampire: The Masquerade RPG, so I thought it might help me get into character as well. And it’s a solid set of stories. It’s a short book, at under 100 pages but with a number of interesting takes on the vampire mythos.

First up we have an origin story, The Son That Pain Made, in which the rape and desecration of a Muse leads to the birth of her son, who would avenge her. Still my Beating Heart is probably the story that I enjoyed the most about a newly turned vampire struggling to let go of his humanity; while The Few, the Proud, Leech Corps is a sort of cyberpunk, near-future story about a military vampire organisation and an opposition that’s better than it should be. Inspirations End is a sort of follow up to The Son That Pain Made, with similar themes; and finally we have Ascendancy of Blood which is a vampiric take on the story of Sleeping Beauty (and when you think about it, the story really does lend itself to a bloodsucking retelling).

This is a good range of stories that find different takes on a classic theme, from a still-missed storyteller.

Book details

ISBN: 9781492839927
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year of publication: 2013

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