Against the Witchy Tide (A Witch on the Rocks Cozy Mystery, #6)

By Lily Harper Hart

Rating: 3 stars

This sixth volume of the series kicks off with Hali and her boyfriend Gray in a consultation for Hali’s long-delayed surgery, something that should really have happened six books ago. All the usual ingredients are present: Gray is possessive, Hali is sassy, there’s something that’s nearly but not quite plot-shaped. At least this time, Hali’s friend Carrie gets a date with an actual woman and there’s some indication that the author understands that turning gay people straight isn’t a thing.

The most disappointing thing is that the epilogue from the previous book mostly gets undone here. There was the appearance of some intrigue between the wolf shifters and the long-term big bads, the merrow (who have really been damp squibs so far, six books in) but, unless there’s some deep 4D chess going on, that all comes out very quickly, with a whole lot of contrition.

It’s a popcorn book, and you can tear though it in a handful of hours. By this point, you know what you’re going to get. I’m happy to read these on Kindle Unlimited, but I don’t think I’m invested enough to continue reading once I cancel that.

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