Archer’s Goon

By Diana Wynne Jones

Rating: 4 stars

Howard comes home one evening to find the Goon sitting in the kitchen, demanding the two thousand that are owed by Howard’s dad. Over the next few weeks, Howard and his whole family start getting involved in what seems to be a giant conspiracy by a family of very powerful people. It’s up to Howard, doubtfully aided by his sister, Awful, and the Goon, to figure out what’s going on and sort it out.

I enjoyed this YA fantasy novel, with the seven siblings who ‘farm’ the town that Howard and his family live in, looking after different aspects of the town’s infrastructure and civil society. Howard is a good protagonist, and Awful is as amusingly bad as her nickname suggests. The ‘farmers’ are grotesque in their own different ways, with music being played, gas and electricity being cut off, roads being dug up and more to try and get the two thousand from Howard’s dad.

A fun story, and it’s got a decent conclusion and ending as well, something that Jones sometimes struggles with, in my experience.

Book details

ISBN: 9780416622805
Publisher: Methuen Children's
Year of publication: 1984

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