Batman: Black and White #1

By Mark Chiarello

Rating: 3 stars

This is a collection of very short, black and white, stories about the Dark Knight, from a selection of artists and writers, each with their own distinctive style. The stories are so short that I found it hard to keep them in my head much longer than reading the final panel, but there were a few exceptions, notably Legend, retelling the Batman legend from an almost Arthurian perspective; Good Evening, Midnight, where Alfred reads a letter written by Bruce’s father; and A Black and White World, Neil Gaiman’s very odd story of characters aware that they’re comic book characters and who view it as a job. Generally not bad, but also, as a whole, not memorable. Probably not one that I’d read again.

Book details

ISBN: 9781563894398
Publisher: DC Comics
Year of publication: 1998

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