Batman: Blind Justice

By Sam Hamm

Rating: 3 stars

First time comic scribe Sam Hamm makes a pretty good stab at Batman for this fiftieth anniversary story. After uncovering illegal mind control experiments, at WayneTech, Bruce Wayne tries to shut it down, but is framed for treason and must prove his innocence. Alongside this, we have a parallel story of a girl finding her long-lost brother and contrasting their relationship with the isolation of Batman.

The most interesting stories about Batman have always been about the psyche of what drives Wayne and his constant renewal of the memories of his parents’ death. This story plays on that nicely, without necessarily overdoing it. The art is nice as well, spiky and with a ‘classic’ feel to it, that is appropriate to Batman.

The volume is short, and, for me, at least, doesn’t really linger in the mind very long after putting it down but it’s entertaining enough while reading. Definitely worth a read, especially if your Batman lore is limited (like mine).

Book details

Publisher: DC Comics
Year of publication: 1989

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