Beware of Chicken (Beware of Chicken, #1)

By CasualFarmer

Rating: 4 stars

I’ll be honest, I really only picked this up because a friend liked a review of it on GoodReads and I thought the title was hilarious. I’m not particularly familiar with xianxia but I have read some manga and seen some anime, so I was vaguely aware of the tropes involved here. I did nearly give up after the first chapter but persevered and I’m glad that I did. Once you get through all the unfamiliar concepts and meet the characters, they’re really charming.

Jin Rou dies at the hand of his fellow initiates at a cultivation sect and at the same time, someone from our world drops into Jin’s body, who decides to leave the sect and become a farmer. He acquires some chickens and makes friends with people in the nearest village. He starts clearing his land and putting his magic (Qi) in to everything he does, including his chicken, which slowly becomes sentient.

It’s a gentle little story that I found just delightful. Jin acquires more animals that also slowly become sentient and regard him as their Great Master. Jin left the sect as one of the weakest members, but as he spends time on the farm his strength grows as does that of his disciples. He’s a really cheerful person who soon falls for a young woman in the village and makes friends with two locals. It’s the kind of book where you don’t worry about how a modern day person from Canada knows so much about farming and construction, and basically builds a house and farm from scratch. You just enjoy the journey and don’t think too hard.

Jin is really easy to like, he doesn’t have a malignant bone in his body and you really want him to succeed. He defeats magical beasts almost by accident, while his animal disciples do substantially more fighting than their Master. It’s not a small book, but I tore through it. It’s a delightful comfort read and I look forward to reading more of the series.

Book details

ISBN: 9781039413993
Publisher: Podium Publishing

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