By Andre Norton

Rating: 3 stars

Troy Horan is a Dippleman, a refugee living in a restricted area on a planet after his own world was “appropriated” as a military base during an interstellar war. He gets a short contract working with a luxury pet shop and finds himself slowly dragged into a murky web of plots and subterfuge in which imported Terran animals seem to play a central role.

I felt that this was quite sophisticated for a children’s book. The world building was quite good, with a lot of depth and the characters were all quite interesting. A large portion of the pleasure planet that the book happens on is a preserved wilderness, and the protagonist is from a similar area and the impression is that these are things that the author cares about and recur in Norton’s work a lot.

Book details

ISBN: 9780345318497
Publisher: Del Rey
Year of publication: 1961

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