Children and Monsters

By Mike Carey

Rating: 4 stars

After gaining a gateway to the void beyond Creation as reward for a task done for Heaven in the previous volume, this volume shows us what Lucifer wants to do with it. Eventually. First, he must gather the tools, and while he’s doing that, protect it from those who would take it from him, especially the host of Heaven. First, Lucifer must reclaim his wings from the goddess of another afterworld, and then he moves his pawns to end up doing exactly what he needs.

This second volume of Lucifer’s story shows us just how manipulative and forward-planning the Lightbringer is. The stronger plot, with its quests and battles, help drive it along at a relentless pace and the final few pages, are breathtaking, with the size of Lucifer’s ambitions revealed. I can’t help wondering where the series will go next.

Book details

ISBN: 9781840233919
Year of publication: 2001

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