Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 73 (Clarkesworld Magazine, #73)

By Neil Clarke

Rating: 4 stars

This is a short story in Lee’s ‘Machineries of Empire’ series, set several hundred years before the events of Ninefox Gambit, when General Shuos Jedao was still alive and commanding armies. This story showcases the more tricksy (Shuos) side of the general, as he manoeuvres his weakened army into a position that he’ll be able to take on a much greater force.

We see more into Jedao’s head again here and I felt the tone here was more in keeping with Ninefox than the previous short story, Extracurricular Activities. These little glimpses into the universe help expand it (although I still feel strongly that the calendar-based exotic technologies are much more in keeping with fantasy than SF) and a nice little appetiser for the next novel in the sequence.

Book details

Publisher: Wyrm Publishing
Year of publication: 2012

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