Descender, Vol. 2: Machine Moon

By Jeff Lemire

Rating: 4 stars

Picking up from where volume 1 left off, this volume continues the story of Tim-21, a child’s companion android, who has just been introduced to another of his siblings, Tim-22, in the middle of a daring rescue. We’re introduced to both the Hardwire (the robot resistance) as well as another pivotal character who joins the manrobot-hunt for Tim-21. And all the poor kid wants to do is to find the child he was assigned to and drop out of galactic politics entirely.

The art is still gorgeous, with that watercolour style that lends the whole work a slightly surreal or dreamlike quality that you might not think would work in a sci-fi space opera setting but it really does.

Beyond Tim-21, there are some interesting new, and recurring, robots, chief of whom is Psius, the head of the Hardwire. We also get to spend a bit more time with Driller (who’s a real killer, as he never gets tired of reminding us) and the irritatingly yappy robo-dog Bandit. The organic characters are worth mentioning too, from the cowardly roboticist Dr Quon (who’s got more revelations to come, after the biggie in volume 1) to Captain Telsa, who’s just trying to do her job and stay alive in a universe that seems to have gone mad in the last week or so. I look forward to meeting them all again.

Book details

ISBN: 9781632156761
Publisher: Image Comics
Year of publication: 2016

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