Doctor Who And The Cybermen

By Gerry Davis

Rating: 3 stars

Although I read the Target Doctor Who novelisations voraciously as a youngster, I never found this one in the local library. To date, I’ve not watched the TV story that this is based on (although given that the missing episodes of that story have been replaced by animation, I probably should) so can’t compare the two. This is early in the second Doctor’s era, so Jamie has just joined the Tardis crew, but there’s still no excuse for making him as stupid as Davis does. I think Polly also isn’t served well, but I don’t know if that’s Davis or Kit Pedler (who wrote the original story) at fault. Still, it’s workmanlike and entertaining for a couple of hours.

Book details

ISBN: 9780426105756
Publisher: Target Books, Tandem
Year of publication: 1974

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