Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Questions You Never Thought You Wanted to Ask

By New Scientist

Rating: 3 stars

This is a collection from the ‘Last Word’ column in New Scientist where readers pose questions, and their peers answer them.

I learned a lot of fairly useless information from this book (which is, of course, the best kind 😉 ) and had fun both with the breadth of questions and the knowledge of the general readership. A well-chosen set of questions (including what would happen if aliens stole the moon, whether nature has invented any wheels and how long a person could live on beer alone) keeps you entertained throughout.

Oh, and the answer to the titular question is yes, lots of things including birds, badgers, different types of insect and bears. And people too (wasp larvae are quite nice fried apparently).

Book details

ISBN: 9780743297264
Publisher: Atria Books
Year of publication: 2005

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