Doom Patrol, Vol. 2: The Painting That Ate Paris

By Grant Morrison

Rating: 4 stars

Volume two of Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol run sees things start to get really odd. This volume sees them first going up against the Brotherhood of Dada, the only villains that approach the Doom Patrol in strangeness. After they escape from the titular painting that ate Paris (part of the Brotherhood’s plan to make life ‘weirder’), Robotman has to go into Crazy Jane’s head to save her and then he has to cope with mutiny: from his own body! Possibly my favourite (or at least, most WTF?) moment was the kiss between Mallah and the Brain which came completely from nowhere!

I definitely enjoy the strangeness of Morrison’s Doom Patrol, which is entertaining, but not ramped up to saturation point, where it just gets wearing. There’s still recognisable story here and even recognisable traditional superhero tropes, but all just a little squint.

Book details

ISBN: 9781401203429
Publisher: Vertigo
Year of publication: 2004

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