Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

By Cory Doctorow

Rating: 3 stars

Julius is a young man barely past his first century of life in the post-scarcity, post-death Bitchun Society. He’s now settled down in Disney World in an ad-hoc looking after some of the classic attractions, but there’s a new ad-hoc in the Magic Kingdom, and they’re trying to muscle in on the Haunted Mansion…

The scope of this story is pretty narrow, amounting to little more than an administrative dispute over a few rides at Disney World, but the world that the story is set in is the real draw. Doctorow posits a post-scarcity economy, where the only currency of note is “wuffie”, a measure of reputation which is interesting. In a society saturated with electronics and ubiquitous personal network access, this can change from moment to moment as your actions cause ripples in those around you and beyond, depending on the scope of the actions.

Maybe not a riveting plot, but certainly good world-building.

Book details

ISBN: 9780765309532
Publisher: Tor Books
Year of publication: 2003

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