Dreams of an Unseen Planet

By Teresa Plowright

Rating: 3 stars

On a distant planet, the birth rate is effectively zero and the colonists are getting worried about their viability. One woman, Miera, dreams of red: is the planet outside trying to contact her telepathically?

The first third or so of this book annoyed me as the protogonist was so passive. Things happened to her but she never initiated anything. It wasn’t until about a third the way through that something happened to give her a kick up the backside and she started acting. It was about then that I started to enjoy the book. The book definitely has a feminine touch, something I might call touchy-feely, which isn’t something that I read that often, but I quite enjoyed.

Book details

ISBN: 9780877958635
Publisher: Arbor House (NYC)
Year of publication: 1986

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