Drive: Act One (Drive, #1)

By Dave Kellett

Rating: 4 stars

I can’t remember where I found out about this webcomic, but I got drawn in fairly rapidly and when I found out about the Kickstarter to print an omnibus of the first “act”, how could I say no?

The story follows the captain and crew of the good ship Machito, on the run from the Empire at the start of the book, as they break their science officer out of a prison planet, along with a new buddy who’s lost his memory but could end up being the key to winning the coming war against an alien race called the Continuum of Makers.

The characters here are fun, especially the marvellous Nosh, an alien who spent six years stranded in Moscow and now speaks English with an outrageous Russian accent. The setting is very much part of what makes the story though, and it’s unusual in having Spain be the seat of the Human empire, not the more usual current Great Powers. I also like the structure of the empire, having arisen from an engineer, and the idea that they still control the secret of FTL travel and hoard that secret with the lives of the entire extended imperial family. The aliens are also generally interesting, from Nosh’s gentle Veetans, through the multi-species Vinn to the fascinating but enigmatic Continuum.

Lots of fun, but also a strong story in there too, backed by the well-worn (but for a reason!) trope of crewmates as family.

Book details

ISBN: 9780984419036
Publisher: Small Fish Studios, Inc.
Year of publication: 2017

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