Dungeon Fun

By Colin Bell

Rating: 5 stars

Fun Mudlifter lives a quiet life in a moat with her adoptive parents after falling out of sky one day as a baby. Many years later, a sword falls out of the sky and so begins the story of one girl and her sword as she decides to begin a quest to teach the bridge trolls to stop throwing stuff down into Deepmoat.

I wasn’t expecting to adore this as much as I did. I picked it up as I’m a fan of artist Neil Slorence and he had a sale on at his online store. I was sort of expecting it to be quite light and fluffy, which it is, but it also has an immense amount of heart. Ms Mudlifter and her sidekick, Sir Barnabus Games (the ghost of a knight who falls from sky and who is bound to the sword), are a delightful duo and it’s lovely to see them bond over the course of the story.

It’s obvious that the writer has a love of old-fashioned dungeon-crawling RPGs in the Dungeons and Dragons ilk, as references to all sorts are strewn liberally across the comic, from the dungeon master apprentice to cursed items and references to levelling up, but you’ll enjoy it just as much even if you’re unfamiliar with the oeuvre.

The characters are pleasantly not two dimensional either, including the villains of the piece, which is always nice to see, and I hate that it’s still something that’s noteworthy, but it is always nice to see so many female characters in important roles.

The volume ends satisfactorily, but with hooks very much present for a sequel, which I am very definitely looking forward to.

Book details

ISBN: 9781944241698
Publisher: Dogooder Comics
Year of publication: 2015

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