Extracurricular Activities (The Machineries of Empire)

By Yoon Ha Lee

Rating: 3 stars

This is a wee short story in Lee’s ‘Machineries of Empire’ series, featuring Shuos Jedao when he was still alive and a rising star in the military. The tone of this was somewhat odd. Much lighter than Ninefox Gambit, as evidenced by the opening, in which Jedao finds a box in his quarters. There’s a fair bit of sexual innuendo (and a smattering of actual sex) as well as references to differing sexualities and gender identities which is always pleasing to see.

I’d say that it doesn’t feel as polished as Ninefox Gambit but it’s still nice to get a glimpse of Jedao before his infamy. This story also adds to the worldbuilding of the universe as we get to see some relations with another culture.

Book details

ISBN: 9780765394460
Publisher: Tor Books
Year of publication: 2017

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