Full Moon (Blandings Castle, #7)

By P.G. Wodehouse

Rating: 4 stars

The ninth Earl of Emsworth wants a portrait painted. Of his prize pig. His niece Prudence is whisked away from her wedding, to purgatory back at Blandings, because her mother and her aunt don’t approve of her intended, and his other niece Veronica wants to marry an American millionaire who keeps seeing a hideous face every time he takes a drink.

Wodehouse mixes up all this and more with glee, plonks it down in the picturesque setting of Blandings castle. The hon Galahad may not be Jeeves, but he’s still got what it takes to sort things out and ensure that nothing stands in the way of true love. I loved the characters, their Wodehousian antics and the whole shebang. Maybe not classic Wodehouse (I generally prefer the stuff that’s set pre-war) but still gloriously silly.

Book details

ISBN: 9781585678365
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams
Year of publication: 1947

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