Girl Genius Volume 4: Agatha Heterodyne & The Circus Of Dreams (Girl Genius #4)

By Phil Foglio

Rating: 4 stars

Everyone’s favourite mad scientist, Agatha Heterodyne, has escaped from Castle Wulfenbach and now needs to make her way across a monster- and clank-infested wasteland to her ancestral home of Mechanicsburg. She and her companion Krosp (emperor of all cats) join a travelling circus and this volume tells the story of their journey.

The circus folk are fun, and when it is finally revealed, their secret is pretty impressive. This is the volume where we also meet the loveable (for given values of ‘loveable’) trio of Ognian, Maxim and Dimo, the J├Ągermonster equivalent of Larry, Curly and Mo (although with more in the way of killing).

The story zips along and the art is as lovely as ever. It’s also much easier to follow in graphic novel format than trying to read it a page at a time online.

Book details

ISBN: 9781890856229
Publisher: Studio Foglio, LLC
Year of publication: 2001

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