Gobbelino London & a Collision of Catastrophes (Gobbelino London, PI Book 7)

By Kim M. Watt

Rating: 4 stars

Gobbelino and Callum’s adventures come to an end with an appropriate bang in this final book in the series. Old friends and enemies make an appearance, the duo (okay, trio – can’t forget Green Snake) are left to rely only on their own resources, and there’s an apocalyptic finale, where practically everyone from the series plays their part (my personal favourite is Tristan’s OAP army). Secrets are revealed, friendships made and solidified and Gobs remembers some of his mysterious past while Callum reveals more of his.

I enjoyed this final book in the series. It’s a decent capstone to everything that went before, pulling together a whole bunch of different plot threads and characters from previous books. Given the kind of book, and kind of series this is, the end was never really in doubt, but there was a lot of drama along the way, as every ally and contact that the duo have made throughout the series gets stripped away, before the final act Big Boss fight.

There’s a set of four short stories that are available for free that follow on from the book, forming a series of epilogues. I can see why Watt decided to split those off, but I think it would have worked as part of the book itself, but maybe that would have led to the Lord of the Rings style “too many endings” problem.

Watt does say that Gobs and Callum may return in the future, and I hope that they do, they’re a fun pair and I’ve come to care about them and their various found family.

Book details

ISBN: 1738585441

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