Guards! Guards! (Discworld, #8; City Watch #1)

By Terry Pratchett

Rating: 5 stars

It’s been several years since I last read this book and I’d forgotten just how funny it was. Full of bickering secret societies, class warfare and social climbing, dragons, insightful social commentary and humans brought up as dwarfs (well, a dragon and a human brought up as a dwarf) and also laugh out loud funny, Guards! Guards! is our first view of Captain Sam Vimes and his motley crew of city watchmen. Rereading this after some time, it’s like seeing photos of your parents when they were young. It’s slightly disconcerting to think that so many events that I think of as established fact are still in their future, they’re young and full of hope (well, Carrot is anyway) and Pratchett is still gleefully and energetically pastiching all the fantasy he can get his hands on.

Men at Arms will always be my favourite ‘Watch’ book on the Discworld, but Guards! Guards! is still a hilarious introduction to the Discworld, Ankh-Morpork and the City Watch (motto: fabricati diem, pvnc: ‘to protect and to serve’, according to Sergeant Colon).

Book details

ISBN: 9780552134620
Publisher: Random House
Year of publication: 1989

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