Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 6: Dissolve

By Thomas Siddell

Rating: 5 stars

Volume six of Gunnerkrigg Court collects chapters 50 to 59 of the eponymous webcomic. This starts with Coyote showing Annie more of what she needs to do as the forest medium, taking the soul of one of the animals into the Court to be decanted into a new body. After that, we get into something more serious, as Annie’s dad returns to the Court. When I read this first time round, in the comic, it made me really angry, the way that Tony behaved and the control he exerted over his daughter. That anger returned as I re-read it, but having it condensed, especially with the following few chapters, as Tony unburdens himself to Donny Donlan, makes it flow better and it’s easier to follow the story. This arc is followed by more with Robot as he gains his first biological component, and he continues to gather a cult of Kat around himself (although his burgeoning romance with Shadow is oh so adorable) and then we have more between Annie and Reynard and the guilt that Annie still feels over letting him go without putting up a fight. The relationship between Reynard and Annie is one of the most interesting and complex in the whole story (and that’s saying something). They obviously care about each other very much but there is still tension between them, despite Reynard’s forgiveness of Annie. We end the book with Annie and the gang finally starting on the plan to free Jeanne and what feels like the conclusion of something that’s been with us from the earliest days of the story.

I don’t think that I’ve got a lot to add to this other than I still adore this series and love the way that both the art and the storytelling have developed over the years. It’s the comic I look forward to most in my RSS feeds every week and it’s the one that I most consistently buy the hardcopy volumes as they’re released.

This is a another great step in Annie’s story and that of Gunnerkrigg Court itself and I look forward to much more of it!

Book details

ISBN: 9781608868308
Publisher: Archaia
Year of publication: 2016

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