Hogfather (Discworld, #20)

By Terry Pratchett

Rating: 5 stars

Hogfather is, in my view, one of the better New Pratchett books and one that I tend to come back to as an old favourite. It’s got Death, the Wizards, the Grim Squeaker and Susan (before she became really annoying) in a plot that involves belief, questioning one’s place in the world and plumbing.

Death’s continuing desire to understand, and become more like, Humanity plays a central role as he has to take the Hogfather’s place and deliver presents to children all over the Disc, while Susan has to piece together why he is doing it and what has happened to the Hogfather himself while holding on to her own humanity. The wizards spend most of the book doing what wizards do best (bumbling, arguing and eating or thinking about eating large meals) but in a genial manner that I couldn’t help but be charmed by.

This is an enjoyable take on Christmas, with Pratchett’s usual flair and digs, with his humour and observational comedy still strong and in service of the plot, rather than for their own sakes.

Book details

ISBN: 9780552145428
Publisher: Corgi
Year of publication: 1996

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