Hot Sleep (Worthing, #2)

By Orson Scott Card

Rating: 4 stars

Jason Worthing is one of the greatest starship pilots in the fleet. He is also a telepath, something forbidden under imperial law. When a rebellion against the empire goes wrong, the rebels are forced to become colonists to the furthest colony ever established by mankind – and the colony is to be led by Worthing!

I really enjoyed this book. Although Worthing is nominally the title character, we rarely see anything from his point of view. We see things from the point of view of those around him and see what he does being reflected in them. The book also suddenly turns upside down with a twist half way through that I certainly wasn’t expecting which changes the tone completely.

Very readable and a great adventure. I may not agree with Card’s philosophy and politics but he still writes a cracking yarn.

Book details

ISBN: 9780441343454
Publisher: Ace
Year of publication: 1979

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