Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 01

By John Wagner

Rating: 3 stars

This series collects the whole Judge Dredd archives from its beginning in 2000AD back in 1978 with this volume containing the first year of Dredd stories. The most interesting thing that I found about these stories is just how different that Dredd was in his early days, both physically and in terms of character. Dredd is drawn much less buff and without the massive chin that he would eventually grow, in an almost effeminate style. Also missing are the fascist overtones with Dredd’s black and white inflexible view of the law. There’s also a bit more humour with Dredd’s Italian landlady and Walter the ‘wobot’, the robot that Dredd sort of adopts and becomes a sort of adoring personal servant.

It was an interesting historical insight, and I’d like to compare it it to newer stories to complete the comparison, since my knowledge of Judge Dredd is fairly second hand and what I have read myself was a fairly long time ago.

Book details

ISBN: 9781904265795
Publisher: REBELLION/2000AD
Year of publication: 1977

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