Just Six Numbers The Deep Forces That Shape the Universe by Rees, Martin J. ( Author ) ON Oct-05-2000, Paperback

By Martin J. Rees

Rating: 4 stars

Subtitled The Deep Forces that Shape the Universe, this pop science book, written by the astronomer royal, discusses six cosmological constants that define the size, shape and structure of the universe.

An interesting book, but one that didn’t really teach me that much that I didn’t already know. The most interesting thing was the stress on how if any of these numbers were very slightly different, they would have resulted in a universe that would be unsuitable for life. Rees deliberately avoids the question of why this ‘fine tuning’ exists until the final chapter and even then, he remains fairly neutral on the matter just outlining the possibilities, including that of a creator.

Book details

ISBN: 9780753810224
Publisher: Phoenix Paperbacks
Year of publication: 1999

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