Lucifer, Vol. 10: Morningstar

By Mike Carey

Rating: 5 stars

This is the volume where Lucifer’s story reaches its climax. Lilith leads her children in a bitter war against Heaven which, without God, can no longer stand against them. Lucifer finds himself fighting at the gate of the Silver City once again, this time on the side of the Angels. Noema, the daughter of the Basanos’ is born and immediately comes into conflict with Lucifer before taking him and Elaine to see the new state of affairs in Hell and possibly to get Rudd’s help in the war.

There’s also a comic interlude in the middle with Gaudium and Spera, the fallen Cherubim. This shouldn’t work in the middle of such a big story, but it really does. It both breaks and holds the tension, letting you wind down a bit between large-scale stories. From his early appearance as (not very good) guardian to Elaine, I’ve really enjoyed wise-cracking Gaudium and his smarter sister.

This is a suitably epic conclusion for such a large-scale story, and the art doesn’t let it down. It finishes with Lilith and Elaine stepping outside Creation to argue for its preservation or destruction in front of God himself. And even without being there, Lucifer has to stick his oar into things and his influence is felt.

Oh, and this book also confirms what I always knew: God is an English gentleman :).

Book details

ISBN: 9781401210069
Publisher: DC Comics
Year of publication: 2006

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