Lucifer, Vol. 11: Evensong

By Mike Carey

Rating: 5 stars

God is dead has left! Long live Elaine! This epilogue volume ties up most of the loose ends of Lucifer’s story as well as those of the people who have crossed the Lightbringer’s path. Lucifer must cross the path of Izanami of the afterlife one more time to retrieve a portion of the letter of passage given to him way back in volume 1 that she took from him. His parting with Mazikeen is bittersweet, and she, once again, proves her worth in that meeting. In a series with so many outstanding characters (and outstanding female characters), she’s one of the brightest burning.

Elaine, the new God of the three merged creations, has some tidying up of her own to deal with. For the first, she sends Gaudium and Spera in their own little adventure, meeting with an old enemy, and the cutest Cerberus rendered in ink. For the second, she gathers some of her companions for one final girly night on the town before she leaves to become part of everything. This is an oddly moving story and one that I really enjoyed.

The not-quite-final part of the volume shows us Lucifer’s final encounter with his father once he passes out of Creation into the void. He is made a rather amazing offer and reacts in typical Lucifer style. A fabulous finale to an epic story.

Which makes the actual final segment (“Nirvana”) all the odder. This is an odd coda, telling a story set somewhere in the middle of the arc, chronologically. The painted art is amazing, but the story just seems really odd, and a weird way to end the story.

Looking over the series as a whole, I very much enjoyed it, but both my science-fictional and atheist senses were tingling. For the latter, I have the same issue with predestination as Lucifer and the whole literal Bible (Creation was just 6000 years ago etc) interpretation in places annoyed me. And for the former, why is it so anthropocentric? Surely there’s more to “Creation” than one little planet? There’s a whole universe out there, why does everything of import happen on Earth? But these are minor niggles in an otherwise marvellously epic story.

Book details

ISBN: 9781401212001
Publisher: Vertigo
Year of publication: 2007

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